See what residents and loved ones are saying about Clarendale of Addison

Clarendale of Addison has been a great experience for my uncle. Everyone has been great very welcoming and really did make his experience easy and they took care of every step. Cynthia Miceli was so helpful and still is with anything my uncle needed and even with this COVID-19 going around she really has been very concerned for the residents and really following guidelines to make sure everyone is safe she really is professional and helpful in any questions the residents or family members have. I highly recommend Clarendale of Addison for anyone looking to put a loved one.

– Carmela F.
July 2020

My husband and I arrived at Clarendale during the corona virus pandemic. We fully appreciate the care and safety provided at this senior living facility. It takes away a lot of stress for us at this time. We thoroughly enjoy the residents we have met. The workers are pleasant and always helpful. We look forward to the time when we are able to participate in the usual activities. Residents have told us how enjoyable they are. The administration provides excellent communication. Judging from our experience so far, we would definitely recommend Clarendale of

Addison as a great place to live.

– Fran L.
July 2020

After touring many senior living facilities, we found Clarendale to be bright, clean, and with a very good staff. My wife and I agree it has the best Executive Director of all the senior homes we visited. We are fortunate to have a Director who demonstrates how much she cares about the residents health, safety, and well-being. If you are looking for a great place to live, come for a visit or tour.

– Joseph L.
July 2020

My Aunt and Uncle (my parents) moved into Clarendale of Addison, assisted living seven months ago and I am thrilled that they are in their care. The nurses sincerely care and are passionate about the service they do for the elderly. They keep me informed at all times, via text or phone and I can honestly sleep at night now knowing that they are safe and cared for 24/7 by a wonderful staff!!!!

The facility is new, very clean, and the others who live there are very friendly and inviting. I’ve had meals in the dining room with them several times and the food is great. Now that we’re in the mist of Covid19, they are following through with CDC guidelines and keeping everyone safe and informed. A weekly newsletter is sent out every week to family members with updates, and keeping everyone entertained while staying safe.

The staff makes special moments happen by remembering their birthdays, bringing them cake and making it memorable for them and family members. I can’t say enough good things about the entire staff and facility. Thank you Clarendale staff for your terrific care and service!

Oh, and a special thanks to Will, Lillybeth, Lynn and Ryan. You’re the BEST!!! Thank you. 🙂

– Cheri S.
June 2020

This new facility is absolutely stunning. The rooms overlooking the park have a beautiful view and a perfect walking path so people can get out for some fresh air. The bar on the second floor is a perfect space to meet neighbors and play some pool. Several things to do nearby like movies and golfing, but several activities at Clarendale too. A good variety of restaurants nearby in the community, several even in walking distance!

– Anna S.
June 2020

I’m an occupational therapist that had the opportunity to work in this facility. The staff here are absolutely wonderful! It’s very evident that they really care for their residents. The facility is beautiful, well kept, and has many communal areas for the residents to enjoy.

-Courtney P.
June 2020

I love it – the best move I ever made. All the staff are wonderful people. They’ll do anything for you.

-Donna, Independent Living Resident
April 2020

Been here since August 28. Wonderful, hard working (24/7) caring staff, comfortable apartment, great new friendships, great variety of things to do. So glad to be here.

-Marilyn D., Resident
April 2020

We came here to see the facility with my Mother-in-law, she is a local Addison resident and wanted to stay in her hometown. VERY impressed with how friendly the staff was when we visited and how nice the facility was. This place really has all the bells and whistles!! Workout room movie theater and a bar! Addison definitely needed this. We wanted a place that she could stay when her needs change and this was a great fit. So far she really loved it there and event told us she has a lot of new friends and even goes to “Happy Hour” in the bar! We’re so glad we found the right fit to her!

-Maggie M.
Jan. 2020

Just had a tour of this facility yesterday and it blew me away. Great convenient location right off 290-light next to a movie theater and fun shopping and dining all around. Elegant, modern look from the moment you walk in. I loved the bistro up front with coffee and pastries. Dining room with great atmosphere without feeling stuffy at all and a lot of dining selections. They had fun, thoughtful activities and a real community feel. Paula who hosted my tour, was amazing to work with and extremely knowledgable about the community. You can tell she enjoyed working there as well. Everyone was extremely friendly. I met the nurse Samantha, who is exactly the type of kind, smart woman I would want caring for my mom. Truly exceeds all expectations.

-Jennifer H.
Feb. 2020