Memory Care Made to Order at Clarendale of Addison

chef cooking

Bill Liapis was a restauranteur and chef most of his adult life, so when he entered the memory care neighborhood as a resident at Clarendale of Addison, the senior living community tapped into his passion.

“We simply put Bill back to work,” says Erin K. Klco, Director of Memory Care at Clarendale with a smile. “We enabled him to do what he loves…and our community is better for it.”

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS – A Memory Care Program® is at the core of the community’s approach to care; and it is founded on the belief that the abilities that remain are far more important than what is lost. The program taps into what’s important and personal to individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

According to Klco, “No matter how old we are, we want to continue a fulfilling life. Bill had a successful career—owning restaurants in the Chicago area, including Washington Square and Billy Boys—cooking and baking daily. So as he enters his golden years, we offered him the chance to do that at Clarendale in the memory care neighborhood kitchen.”

The caregiving team at Clarendale supervises as Bill prepares all his favorite recipes; staff and residents enjoy all the delicious results.

The Liapis family is delighted to see their father has regained a sense of purpose again. They note that the retired restauranteur is even revisiting the process of bookkeeping at Clarendale. He has been given receipts to add and fill out paperwork, much like he did in his own restaurants.

Klco explains, “I met with our Director of Culinary Services and asked him for an old restaurant invoice. I blew up the font, made copies, and laminated it so Bill can continue to use it. The invoices represent a purposeful book-keeping, cognitive activity for Bill to help out.”

If you stop by Bill’s temporary work desk, you’ll see an adding machine, “PAID” stamp, ledger, highlighter, and pens at-the-ready for a day’s work.

Liapis appears thrilled to be adding up and highlighting invoices and working the accounting ledger. To the team, he says, “I will always help you, and when I say it’s right, it’s right. If I say it’s wrong, I’m out!”

Heartfelt CONNECTIONS is truly about connecting on a personal level with individuals facing memory loss—and bringing out the joy and best in them. And with residents like Bill, we get even more in return,” says Klco.

In addition to dedicated memory care, Clarendale of Addison offers independent living and assisted living and is located at 1651 West Lake Street in Addison. Seniors and families interested in learning more may call 630-749-5699 to schedule a virtual visit. We’ll help arrange the time and technology.